Friday, February 14, 2014

Nor'easter and a Modern Wrapper

Love walking through town in the snow.

I won't even try to hide it, I LOVE SNOW. The more the better. And it has been quite a winter for snow lovers here in the northeast. We've had at least one snowfall every week since mid-December. This last nor'easter, though, really brought it. We had a good 8-10" left-over from the big snow just last week, and now we have... god knows how much.

In this photo: a patio table, four deck chairs, a grill
 There's so much snow, I couldn't even get it all in one frame. Stephen had to literally shovel us out of the house this morning. Pretty awesome. And we're getting a few more inches tomorrow!

Winchester in his favorite spot
In other news.... Modern Wrapper is complete!

I really wanted to like this cardigan, but here's the truth- it's a tent. A very expensive tent. I have to challenge the claim that this piece is universally flattering. If you happen to be an armless 36" dressform, this is the cardigan for you! But for a woman of my stature it does NO favors. I don't need to look slender, but I do need to look like I have some shape, to which end this cardigan fails big time.

Amy Herzog said something the other day in her blog, which is so true: because handknit fabric is typically more substantial than the fine machine knits that you might find in a store, your body takes the shape of the sweater, not the other way around.  Even in this case where we have a very light fabric with a decent drape.. it will never take the silhouette of your body if the silhouette of the piece is a giant rectangle.

It will make a very luxurious housecoat, but I don't see myself wearing this out any time soon, unless I can figure out a tactful way to belt it. As much as I love Churchmouse, and can appreciate the construction of this piece, I think I will stick with more shapely pieces in the future.

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