Sunday, September 8, 2013

MOODS: Scotland

I've been missing Scotland lately, probably because this is about the time of year we were last there.
I like to indulge these moods. It makes me happy to remember the *feeling* of a place or time, and it usually results in a burst of learning and creativity.

Here are somethings I've picked up along the way this time:

1. I've taken to knitting in the evenings with "A Journey Through Scotland"on in the background. It's about an hour long and is just lovely scenery with some nature sounds and occasional music. I've found it's good company when you need to really pay attention to your knitting but don't want to sit there in the quiet.  It's relaxing, and really- could you ever tire of looking at those mountains?

2. If you want to learn a little something while taking in great aerial views of the Scottish landscape, the Mountains of Scotland and the Islands of Scotland series are beautifully shot and informative. I particularly like the Islands of Scotland- you get a good look at what the famous Shetland and Fair Islands actually look like (they don't disappoint).

3. If you've somehow missed Kate Davis' blog, click here now: Not only is Ms. Davis a brilliant designer and writer, she also lives near the Scottish Highlands and takes amazing photos of the landscape. If you are looking for knitting + Scottish inspiriation, this is the place to be.

4. I already thought Shetland was a pretty special place for knitters, but this might just move it into the number one spot. Shetland ponies in fair isle cardigans...

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