Thursday, September 26, 2013

Knitting Blindfolded

How I wish Elizabeth Zimmermann was still around. She was such a knitting bad ass. 

Not long ago I was reading one of her books and she ever so offhandedly mentioned knitting without looking at what you're doing. Her whole attitude was OF COURSE you can knit without looking. Close your eyes, knit one stitch-- see! Told you!!
She seemed awfully confident that I would have this secret power, so I accepted her challenge...

A REVELATION!  Not only can I knit without looking, I can knit damn fast without looking. The second I did it, my brain went, 'ahhh... now I can do something else with my time other than watch the hands knit!'
I used to be all about audiobooks, because I could knit and listen to them at the same time. Now I read ACTUAL books. E-books on the iPad are particularly convenient because I just have to poke it now and again to turn the pages. And let me tell you how much Doctor Who I've watched in the past week. I managed to watch all of season five AND knit a sweater in 6 days.
This is a whole new world. I've been pushing the boundaries of my new talent the last few days and have decided that if it doesn't involve my hands--- it can be done while knitting. Going to the movies, star-gazing, sitting around a bonfire...yesterday I even played fetch with my dog (by kicking the ball) while knitting a sleeve.

So thanks, EZ! I might actually get all my Christmas prezzies done on time this year.


  1. My Grandma, who has been knitting for well over 70 years now, casually knits while watching tv, barely looking at her work. When I learned, I knew that this was a viable talent, and started practicing right away. It means I can knit much more often, because my brain is stimulated while my hands are busy. Or my hands are busy and I'm less bored while watching tv. :D

    Love your blog and Ravelry designs, btw! I'll have to follow your blog...once I figure out how to do that without the 'follow me' button!

  2. Thanks, Heather! I will look into the 'follow me' button... In the meantime, there is now a NORTH Knits Ravelry group where you can also find updates and new designs :)

  3. You are too fast for me- I see you already found the group! Okay- now there is no excuse, I really should sort out the 'follow me' ;)