Sunday, October 13, 2013

Studio North Ravelry Group

There is now a Studio North ravelry group

Husband calls it a 'knittery' which I thought was a rather good word. 

I'm still developing my idea of what I want this space to look like, but I do know that it will be a central location for updates, design releases, test knitting, pattern discussion, and pattern modifications. 

Designing, in my mind, is a community effort, which involves fiber producers, designers, test knitters, tech editors, and knitters who take our designs and make them their own. I like the idea of having a place (a knittery, if you will ;>) where ideas, inspiration, and work can blossom. Because nothing is more fun to me, than seeing all the pieces come together into one beautiful work of wearable art.

I hope that if you are interested in my designs (past and future) you will stop by and share what you have knit, and have a chat, and join in the creative process!

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